At OC Knife Sharpening, most people assume only kitchen knives need to be sharpened on a regular basis. This is a common misconception because many people forget how often they use a blade in their kitchen as well as other places in their homes. Here are a few items that we can sharpen for you that you may not have considered.

Mandolins – A mandolin has to have a very sharp blade in order to slice as thinly and safely as you would like. If your mandolin’s blade is dull, you may have to use more force each swipe, and that can cause more accidents and be more tiring overall.

Scissors – Everyone’s been frustrated by dull scissors at some point, but not everyone realizes that sharpening them can be a quick fix to that frustration.

Food processors – If it takes longer than before to chop your veggies or your smoothie is ending up chunkier these days, consider sharpening the blade, as it can dull over time.

Gardening shears – These take a lot of abuse, so it’s natural that they should need sharpening.

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