It might be hard to choose the best knives for slicing sushi because of the many choices. You’ll definitely want to choose a knife that feels good in your hands and is made of high-quality material.
Here are the best sushi knives must-haves for you:

SETO Japanese Knife Chef. The SETO Japanese Knife is very sharp, and it cuts through food very well. The handle is comfortable and very nice, and the knife requires less maintenance. It is an affordable knife that is suitable for sushi chef starters.

Yoshiro Stainless Yanagiba Japanese Chef Knife. The Yoshiro knife offers fine cutting and precision with a little effort. It has a beautiful design that looks professional. The weight is very light, and it glides smoothly when slicing the sushi meat.

Sushi Knife by Chef’s Companion. The Sushi Knife by Chef’s Companion is a practical and stylish knife suitable for beginners. It is also one of the most affordable knives on the market.

Sushi knives are special, and it needs special care to maintain it. Sushi chefs paid good money for sushi knives, so you need to learn how to maintain it properly.