In today’s world, there is a great push to replace something when it is old and/or broken.  The vacuum doesn’t work?  Just get a new one!  The sole of your shoe comes apart?  No worries, one quick trip to the store and you can get a new pair. 

Most of the time these items can be repaired, but most importantly, if they are serviced regularly, they will last longer.  With the world changing as we speak, there is a need to repurpose and maintain the quality goods we already have and one of those needs will be your kitchen knives.  Now more than ever people are cooking from home to abide by the social distancing in place.  This means your cookware will be used more and more.  To ensure your knives stay in tip-top shape, you can trust OC Knife Sharpening to take care of you. 

Why Is Knife Sharpening So Important?


A shape knife will not slip when it strikes or is drawn across the surface of the food. This allows you to easily control how the blade moves through the food, allowing you to control your chopping or slicing. A dull blade will slip, making control difficult and increasing the risk of it slipping into your finger. It’s only a matter of time before you cut yourself badly with a dull knife.

A sharp knife can help you with something as simple as a tomato.  Slicing through a tomato skin with ease rather than having your knife push against the tension and jump into your innocent thumb

Improves the Food Prep Process

Sharp knives require less force to cut than dull knives. Less brute force means less damage to the food, as evidenced by a close inspection of the cut. Delicate ingredients, such as herbs, will last longer if you cut them cleanly, whereas a dull knife will crush more of the cells surrounding the cut, accelerating wilting and discoloration.
A dull knife, on the other hand, slows you down, whereas a sharp knife makes prep easier and more enjoyable.

Longer Lasting

When you sharpen your knives as appropriately needed, they will last longer. This ultimately helps to cut down on your long-term spending on new knives.

How Often Should I Sharpen My Knife?

The average knife should be sharpened every 1-2 months, depending on usage. Sharpening is the process of restoring a damaged or dulled edge, and it necessitates the use of a fairly coarse abrasive such as a diamond plate, stone, or abrasive belt. During this process, you’ll be removing material to repair damage and restore the edge of your knife.

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