A sharp knife is a crucial implement to any chef’s kitchen. The sharpness of a knife can be impacted by the bevel, or angle, of the knife. But what is a bevel, really?

The portion of a knife that is angled towards the edge is called a bevel. The edge is the portion of the knife that is actually ground to a sharpness that can cut and slice. There are two types of bevels when it comes to knives. Single bevel and double bevel knives are easy to distinguish, since the difference is that single bevel is only angled on one side of the blade, and double bevels are angled on both.

A single bevel knife is much easier to bring to an extremely thin sharpness, and it is sometimes referred to as a chisel edge. Many Japanese knives have a single bevel, making it useful for precision cuts, slices, chops and dices as well as long, unbroken wafer cuts that are common in Japanese cuisine.

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