The burr is commonly created using machinery procedures such as grinding, drilling, milling, engraving and turning. It is a small fold of metal at the apex of a cutting edge and the raised edge or small piece of material that is attached to a knife after a modification process.

The ritual of sharpening a knife feels somewhat ritualistic. There are exact steps to follow until the process ends with a perfectly sharp blade.

Creating a burr is in our opinion essential whenever you sharpen your blade, so we say, YES you should sharpen out a knife burr in your blade. In fact, you might already be inadvertently creating one.

Raising a burr will let you know that the edge is ground thinly enough on one side to have a plane of the bevel all the way to the edge. It will also let you know when to stop sharpening and switch sides.

If you don’t form a proper burr when sharpening, your knife will not achieve maximum sharpness.

We hope that you now understand creating a burr and the knife sharpening process. You may put the information to good use next time you sharpen your knives.

Make sure you follow all safety protocols when sharpening a knife, or hire a professional to ensure it’s done correctly.