As a cook, you already know how important it is to have a sharp knife. Sharp knives not only provide joy when used, but provide safety as well. High quality knives are popular, but even if you purchase the best blades, they are going to become dull if they are not regularly maintained. The best way to sharpen a knife will depend on whether the edge of the knife is smooth or serrated.

Smooth knife edges are the most common to use. To keep these types of knives sharp you will need to grind the blade with an abrasive such as natural stone, sandpaper, or industrial diamonds.You should consider sharpening your knives in this manner about every other use. If you take the time to do this, your knives are going to last much longer and remain sharper.

For serrated knives, traditional sharpening is a bit more difficult as the methods often used will only get the tips of the serrations and might damage the blade. In order to sharpen a serrated knife properly, you will need to purchase a sharpener that is designed to hone the entire edge of the knife.