The knives in any restaurant kitchen have a crucial job to do: cut through ingredients with precision and finesse. The most celebrated chefs in the world could easily struggle to prepare even simple dishes if their knives are too dull to work properly. When it comes to knife sharpening for restaurants, OC Knife Sharpening is a name you can trust — created by a professional with over 15 years in the culinary industry, OC Knife Sharpening is dedicated to keeping your restaurant’s knives as sharp as the very first use, day in and day out.

No matter where you are in the Orange County area, OC Knife Sharpening’s mobile sharpening services can come to you. You can rest assured that your knives will be hand-sharpened by a true professional. Each blade is carefully worked over with a ceramic abrasive for repairs, thinning, re-profiling and re-beveling, all without the use of heat. Best of all, OC’s mobile workshop is completely self-contained and able to come right to your door. Pressed for time? Don’t worry — even between sharpening hundreds of knives every week, OC Knife Sharpening promises to provide prompt and efficient service the second you call or email.

The company goes above and beyond just knives; in fact, OC Knife Sharpening is proud to offer sharpening services for food processor blades, scissors and shears, nippers and even gardening tools. Whether you’re working through the dinner rush, catering a wedding or hosting a Sunday brunch, the OC experts are available to ensure that your tools are ready to get the job done right every time.