The Mechanics of a Great Knife

Whether you’re a professional chef or do most of your cooking at home, your knives should be as sharp as they can be.

Most home chefs don’t realize how dangerous a dulled knife can be (and most professional chefs cringe at the thought) – and yet knife sharpening is something that a lot of people won’t do until an injury has already happened.

The truth is that sharper knives are much less dangerous because the blade can make a clean cut through: Getting your knives sharpened is the right thing to do, even if your knife never leaves the comfort of your home kitchen.

Homes, Restaurants, Farmers Markets and Home Chefs

If your knives need sharpening or restoration, it’s time to call in an expert. We cater to homes, restaurants, Farmers Markets and home chefs to sharpen your knives – and we’ll come to you to do it.

Does Your Knife Collection Need a Refresher?

Every chef’s knife collection needs to be refreshed every once in a while: It’s part of the job, and a good, sharp knife is part of what makes a chef worth their salt. Sharp knives are better and safer than their dulled counterparts.

The Traveling Sharpener

We’re one of the only knife sharpening companies that’ll come to you anywhere in the OC and Greater Los Angeles areas. Let us know where you’re located and just what you need sharpened and we’ll come out to assist. 

Knife Repair and Restoration

More than knife sharpening, we can also help if you need any knife repair or restoration. Many collectors and chefs have special knives in their collection – some inherited, some vintage, some just special. We take special care of these knives and hand them back to you in a better state than they were.

Orange & Los Angeles Counties Covered

We cover Orange County and the Greater Los Angeles areas: Let us know where you’re located and we’ll send our knifesmith over to you.