When cooking in your kitchen, a sharp knife will make your prep work easier. But if you are holding your knife incorrectly, you’ll run into trouble. To keep your hands in one piece and avoid injury, be sure to keep these dos and don’ts on the proper way to hold your knife in mind.



The Proper Way to Hold Your Knife



Don’t: Place your index finger on the top of the knife blade.



In your knife hand, it may feel natural to place your index finger on top of the blade. While this feels secure at first, it will cause strain on your hand in the long run. Just grip the handle closer to the blade with all your fingers. You’ll get the same control without overtaxing your index finger.



Do: Curl your fingers!



If you are slicing anything, curl your fingers on the hand that holds it in place so that you are holding the item with your knuckles rather than your fingertips. This protects you from accidental slicing.



Don’t: Lift your knife off the cutting board each time.



Keep the tip of your knife on the cutting board and use a rocking motion to keep your knife from flying out of control. Also, you’ll waste less energy on lifting your knife with every cut.



Do: Keep your knife sharp.



With a dull knife, you will spend more time trying to saw at your ingredients while cooking, which could lead to more accidents. With a sharp knife, and precise movements, you will be safer and more efficient.



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