Whether you’re a chef or a food enthusiast, you know how important a sharp knife is. Sharp knives prevent you from cutting yourself and allow you to chop vegetables and slice meat with ease. Follow these tips to keep your knives sharp.

Do Not Soak Your Knives

When you soak your other dishes, it can be tempting to throw your knives in with the rest. Knives should always be washed separately and never left in a pool of moisture. Knives have very fine edges and can easily corrode. Do not expose them to moisture for too long and never wash them in a dishwasher.


This will extend their lifetime as well. Sustaining durability both avoids repairs, replacements, and additional cost. When you take these added precautions, they may feel insignificant. Replacing knife sets only happens every several years, why worry about a particular piece in your set? Assuming you are using them consistently, you put yourself at risk of injury when you avoid taking those precautions. 


Forget the Cluttered Drawer


Your kitchen knives do not belong with the rest of the utensils. It is fine for your forks and spoons to rattle around together but it is not okay for your kitchen knives to bang around with the rest of the clutter. Knives can easily become damaged and lose their sharpness. Instead of the drawer, use a knife block to store them.


Knife blocks also need to be attended to periodically to ensure that debris hasn’t built up where the knives rest. Maintaining strong safety habits and cleaning practices will cut out most of your potential risk for having debris build up. However, it’s still a good idea to check from time to time.

Find a Mobile Knife Sharpening Service

If you want to increase the longevity of your knives, allow a professional to take care of them. Do a search for “mobile knife sharpening near me,” to find a company that is willing to come to you. Forget having to take extra time out of your day to pack up your kitchen knives for servicing. Knife sharpening services utilize the most advanced equipment to yield the best results!

In the kitchen, sharp knives are essential. Dull knives are not only dangerous, but they are less efficient and take more time to do the job. Take that into consideration when you are starting to find cooking or preparing food in the kitchen in general more time consuming. It’s often a piece of your routine that may go unnoticed.