If you are thinking of sharpening your knives at home, you should read this guide to determine if a professional knife sharpener might not be a better idea.

You’ve seen people sharpening knives in movies and TV, and it looks simple. Just take the knife and swipe it against either a metal rod or a whetstone and ta-da! Sharp knife.

The thing those movies and shows don’t tell you, though, is that those knives are already pretty sharp. A dull knife requires much more work to sharpen, and the three swipes the movie chef is doing right before getting to work is more of a refresher to ensure the knives are extra sharp for the precision cuts they plan to do. Also, it looks cool.

If your knives are dull, though, getting them sharp is not going to be so easy. And, unless you do those quick sharpening swipes every single time you use your knife, chances are your knives are dull enough to need a complete sharpening that can be quite laborious.

If you don’t want to expend the time, money and effort, visit O.C. Knife Sharpening at a nearby farmer’s market or contact us for a home visit instead.