A dull blade can mean more than just having more trouble cutting into the hard shell of a watermelon or finely cutting a steak for your next date night, it affects the likelihood of an accident in the user’s future severely. Although it may seem more dangerous to use a well-sharpened knife, it’s quite the opposite when considering the required force to be used, the likelihood of consistency to be maintained when using, and the distance to the nearest hospital.


2 Dangers of Using a Dull Blade


More force is required to cut when using a dull blade.

A well-sharpened knife creates consistency in performance. When cooking in the home especially, a dull knife is dangerous to the user because of how much force is required to be effective. When instability is left unattended to, the blade can cause serious injury that may have been avoided with a simple sharpening of the blade on a regular basis.


Distance from medical aid

Although you may have a first aid kit in the home, it’s important to remember the dangers of use can extend far beyond a minor cut. Treatment may be necessary immediately for a serious wound, especially given the pressure necessary to make even the most common cut when using a dull blade. This gives all the more reasoning to keep your knives in peak condition, and sharpen them consistently when performance starts to falter.


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